Since 2015, the CIDS hosts doctoral seminars aiming at offering an academic home to PhD students working in the field of international dispute settlement. The seminars are open to students from Swiss and non-Swiss universities sharing a research interest in the field of arbitration and any other of international dispute resolution method and mechanism.

These events broaden training opportunities for PhD students and widen their network of contacts and colleagues. They provide additional intellectual stimultation and ensure exposure to cutting-edge research.

The seminars are organized in Geneva, on the CIDS premises at Villa Moynier, every three or four months. Doctoral students are offered the possibility of presenting the state of their research before an audience composed of fellow students and professors who work on related topics. The presentation lasts for about 30-40 minutes and is followed by 30 minutes of discussion. Drinks are offered at the end of each session.

All PhD students working on topics related to international dispute resolution are welcome. Presenters may choose to share their views at an early stage of their research or may prefer to use this opportunity to perfect their presentation in the final stretch of their work.

If you are interested in the CIDS PhD Cluster to present your research or to participate in the seminars, or if you have any questions, please contact,