The MIDS lectures are delivered by well known academics and practitioners, and are open to the public gathering a large number of students, practitioners, and academics from Switzerland and France.

Previous MIDS lectures include:

2019: Univ.-Doz.Dr. Claudia Annacker

2018: Ms Lucinda Low, Hon. Ian Binnie C.C., Q.C.

2017: Prof. David Caron; Prof. Jose Alvarez; Judge Xue Hanqin
2016: Sir Christopher Greenwood, GBE, CMG, Q.C.; Mr. Alexis Mourre; Ms.Meg Kinnear; Prof. Lucy Reed
2015: Mr. Salim Moollan, Q.C.; Judge Peter Tomka
2014: Mr. Toby Landau, Q.C.; Mr. Donald Donovan; Prof. Andrea Bjorklund
2013: Prof. Pierre-Marie Dupuy; Mr. Bernardo Sepúlveda
2012: Mr. Pierre Mayer;  V.V. Veeder, Q.C.
2011: Judge Bruno Simma; Prof. Michael Reisman
2010: Prof. George A. Bermann;  Prof. William Park
2009: Prof. John Gotanda; Mr. Pierre Lalive
2008: Prof. James Crawford; Mr. David Rivkin