ITLOS-Nippon Foundation visit to the Geneva Center for International Dispute Settlement

Tuesday, 23rd January (09:15 - 15:30)


Wednesday, 24th January (09:30 - 12:00)


Within the context of its project on "The International Judicial Function under Pressure: Do Courts and Tribunals Go off the Rails?" and other ongoing research , the CIDS will host the ITLOS - Nippon Foundation Capacity Building and Training Programme. Within the context of the visit, the CIDS research team and other scholars, diplomats and practitioners will present on substantive law of the sea topics, as well as on dispute settlement related topics.

Registration by request:

The event is reserved to this year’s participants of the ITLOS – Nippon Foundation programme. However, please send an e-mail to Dr Lorenzo Palestini (, should you be interested in the event.